The bedroom is the one room that is very important in a design house, and this room should provide comfort that is perfect for you.

You have to do a lot to create comfortable bedrooms, of choosing decor, choose furniture, and you should not miss is to choose a mattress. The mattress is the part that I think is most important, because in that place you will lay your body.

Not just choosing a mattress, but you also have to know how to mattress care. Some care under the mattress might be able to do, so that the mattress can remain comfortable and of course durable.

Rotate the mattress is one of the mattress care you can do. Every night you will sleep on a mattress, it is certainly going to make mattresses become less comfortable.

For that you can rotate the mattress at least four times a year, so you can put your body on the mattress to another. In addition, you can also occasionally flipping your mattress, so that other parts of the mattress that you can use.

Mattress care which in turn is to use a bed frame is sturdy and stable. A mattress must be supported by a sturdy frame, so that the mattress you remain durable and comfortable.

You must use a bed frame that conformed to the size of the mattress, for example if you have a king mattress, then you also have to use a bed frame for a mattress with a king size.

Never bend the mattress, because it is a mattress care what you have to do. Usually someone will bend the mattress when he had passed through the door, but the bend, then the mattress will be broken and will not provide comfort for you.

Another case is when you have a smaller bed frame, and you impose a mattress to go into it, thus making the mattress bend. You have to avoid folding or bending the mattress in any case, if it had, you should contact the manufacturer to find out how to bend the right mattress.

Mattress care you can do next is to do a proper cleaning. Make cleaning a mattress properly, if you want to remove the dust, then you could rest your mattress, and then you can remove the dust that is in your mattress.

If there are stains, you can clean the stain with a mild soap and water. The important thing is do not use harsh chemicals, because it will ruin your mattress.